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As a result of the GATT Uruguay Round 213,402 tonnes (product weight) of New Zealand beef and veal may be exported to the United States annually at a tariff rate of US4.4c/kg on most beef products. Imports within the Tariff Rate Quota ("TRQ") are referred to as in-quota. An out-of-quota tariff rate of 26.4% ad valorem (based on the F.O.B. value) applies to product imported outside the quota.

Prior to the start of each Quota Year (which runs from 1 January to 31 December), the Board makes quota allocations to Qualifying Companies and New Entrants in accordance with the Quota Allowance Allocation System in Respect of US Beef and Veal Tariff Rate Quota ("Quota Manual").

For a guide to the requirements of the quota allocation system refer to the Guidance Note to the US Beef and Veal Quota Allowance Allocation System.

Section 18 of the Quota Manual contains the forms that relate to the operation of the quota allocation system. These Quota Manual Forms are available for users to download. Once completed, the form(s) should faxed, emailed or posted to the Board.

A PDF version of the Quota Manual is available here.

Quota Manual


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