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Investment Policy and Reserves Policy Consultation overview

Updated Investment Strategy and Reserves Policy

The New Zealand Meat Board consulted on proposed changes to its investment strategy and Reserves Policy and completed consultation in April 2018.

As a result of the proposed changes and subsequent consultation, NZMB’s investment strategy will be moving from the current “conservative” approach which saw funds invested all in fixed interest, to a “balanced” approach of 50% fixed interest and 50% equities. NZMB’s reserves will also be protected from inflation as part of the new Reserves Policy.

The new investment strategy should allow NZMB to achieve improved returns on the funds for only a little more risk and see reserves grow into the future while also providing for enhanced industry good funding in the medium term.

Of the more than 760 submissions received 92% supported inflation proofing reserves, 90% supported moving to a balanced portfolio from an all cash conservative fund, and 87% supported the Reserves Policy.

The Board is now working with Investment Advisor Cambridge Partners to select a fund manager.

See below for NZMB’s Statement of Investment Policies and Objectives and Reserves Policy.

NZMB Statement of Investment Policies and Objectives (SIPO) approved February 2018 PDF File (1 kb)›

Reserves Policy - approved April 2018 PDF File (624 kb)›

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