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Parties wishing to apply for registration as a meat exportor are asked to take notice of the following information as set out in the Meat Board Act 2004 - Part 3: Quota markets and registration of exports :

  1. Export registrations issued by the Board under the Meat Board Act 2004 are:
    1. Open for all markets and all meat products.
    2. Valid for a period of three years and expire at the close of 30 September in the year 3 years after the year in which the registrations were issued, unless earlier renewed.

  2. The Meat Board Act 2004 defines:

    "Meat product" as anything that is:

    1. Meat; or
    2. Edible offal taken from slaughtered livestock; or
    3. An article or substance intended for human consumption (other than a vell or rennet) that is derived wholly or substantially from slaughtered livestock.

    "Livestock" as:

    1. Animals that are cattle, goats, or sheep; and 
    2. Includes animals of any other kind that are for the time being declared by the Governor-General by Order in Council to be livestock for the purposes of the Act. (Currently none)

    "Meat" means the whole or any part of the dressed carcass of any slaughtered livestock.

  3. Part 3 of the Meat Board Act 2004: gives the Board the ability to establish and operate quota allocation systems for quota markets. Current quota allocation systems in force are as follows:

    EU Sheepmeat and Goatmeat Quota

    EU High Quality Beef Quota

    US Beef and Veal Quota

  4. Part 5 of the Animal Products Act 1999 "Export of Animal Material and Products" requires all exporters of any animal material to be registered with Ministry for Primary Industries (Food Safety) before they can export from New Zealand. A form is available to apply for Exporter Registration of Animal Products approval. 

    For further information please email approvals@mpi.govt.nz at MPI (Food Safety) or phone 04-894 2550 or visit their website at http://www.foodsafety.govt.nz/industry/exporting

  5. The New Zealand Meat Board advises the Customs Department when an export registration is issued.

  6. An application fee of $30 (G.S.T. inclusive) payable to New Zealand Meat Board is required at time of application. An application form is available at this link.

If you require further information in relation to Export Registration Application please contact info@nzmeatboard.org.

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