New Zealand Meat Board has commenced review of its quota allocation mechanisms and communication has been sent to all registered meat exporters and industry bodies.  

The Meat Board Act 2004 (MBA 2004) delegates certain obligations and administration responsibilities to New Zealand Meat Board (NZMB). This includes administration of quota allocation mechanisms for EU Sheepmeat and Goatmeat (EUS&G), EU High Quality Beef (EUHQB), and US Beef and Veal (USB&V) tariff rate quotas.

The mechanisms used to allocate access to these quotas have not been changed since 2006, which was when changes from the last wholesale review were implemented.

The MBA 2004 also requires NZMB to review its quota allocation mechanisms at least every five years. Despite remaining uncertainty around Brexit, and what that might mean for quota administration, NZMB cannot delay the review any longer. Much has changed in the export meat industry since 2006, and the potential for the EUS&G and EUHQB to be split between the United Kingdom and European Union means there is the potential for significant change to New Zealand’s quota entitlements in the near future.

Terms of Reference for the review which sets out the comprehensive review process NZMB proposes to undertake and includes a timetable of key steps in the review process is available here along with the Discussion Document.

As part of initiating the review, NZMB is seeking feedback from registered meat exporters on the key questions we have identified for the review. Feedback does not have to be limited to the questions we ask in the attached, and we invite comments and ideas about any part of the quota allocation framework that quota users want to share.

The deadline for feedback is Friday 21 February 2020 and the process for feedback is outlined in the attached document.