Download NZMB Statement of Investment Policies and Objectives ('SIPO') (Amended September 2023) at the link below. The SIPO is to be reviewed at no more than three yearly intervals, the next being September 2026.

The New Zealand Meat Board completed consultation on proposed changes to its investment strategy and Reserves Policy in April 2018 and the Board’s investment strategy is moving from a “conservative” approach – whereby all funds were in fixed-interest investments – to a “balanced” approach, of 50% fixed interest and 50% equities. This transition was completed in April 2020.

The Board approved small amendments in 2020 to increase the lower and upper limits of the portfolio invested in cash assets to1 and 3% of the portfolio.

In September 2022 the Board approved the amalgamation of the Reserves Buffer previously established in 2020 back into the Investment Fund as it was no longer required. There has been no change to the Reserves Policy process or the Objectives and Management of the Investment Fund.